Wolf's Rain (3 discs)Zoom

Wolf's Rain (3 discs)

Wolf's Rain (3 discs)
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  • Discs 3
  • Subtitle Rating Excellent
  • Video Rating Excellent
  • Audio Rating Excellent
  • Episodes 1-30
  • Subtitles English
  • Languages English & Japanese//
  • Hundreds of years from now, most of the Earth is a ruined wasteland and people live in a few domed cities. Legends speak of how wolves know where Paradise lies at the end of the world. But wolves, along with most wild animals, have been extinct for 200 years...or so everyone believes. In fact, a few wolves still survive, disguised as humans, eking out a living in the alleyways and gutters of human cities. All this changes when a strange new wolf named Kiba arrives from the wilderness, drawn by the scent of the Flower Daughter, a mysterious girl held captive by the human scientists.
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