Requiem From the Darkness (2 discs)Zoom

Requiem From the Darkness (2 discs)

Requiem From the Darkness (2 discs)
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  • Discs 2
  • Subtitle Rating Excellent
  • Video Rating Excellent
  • Audio Rating Excellent
  • Episodes 1-13
  • Subtitles English & Chinese
  • Languages Japanese and English//
  • Tired of writing riddles for children, Yamoaoka Momosuke plans on gathering spooky and gruesome stories and publishing them in an anthology called Hyakumonogatari ("One Hundred Tales"). While researching these old myths and legends he comes across a mysterious trio who call themselves the Ongyou. They are detectives who are investigating the legends to reveal their turths and bring those in the wrong to justice. Each time Momosuke meets the Ongyou he must face horrible truths and battle with his morals, but he's seeing things he shouldn't be seeing...
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