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Naurto Movie (1 disc)

Naurto Movie (1 disc)
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  • "Yuki no Kuni" is a country which was covered by eternal ices. It was a small country, but they had lived peacefully thank to a kind Daimyo, Kazahana Sousetsu. However, 10 years ago, a tragedy occurred. Kazahana Doto who was the little brother of Sosetsu revolted against Sousetsu, and took over the country.At the moment he passed away, he gave Rokaku Suisho (hexagonal crystal) which consisted of snow crystals to his only daughter Koyuki. She was at a loss when she saw his father's death. It was Kakashi in his youth that appeared there. He was there to fulfill some order.Uzumaki Naruto is a left behind Ninja of "Konoha Gakure no Sato", which is a Ninja village, of "Hi no Kuni." He has just graduated from Ninja academy, and he is still Genin (lowest rank Ninja). However, he has a dream to become the best Ninja, called "Hokage." In order to become a full-fledged Ninja, he is working in 7th group led by Kakashi. Kakashi is the strongest Ninja, and he is called "Copy Ninja."The next order of Naruto is to guard a very selfish actress, Fujimi Yukie. She has acted as Fuun Hime of the big hit movie series, "Adventure of Fuun Hime." The last episode of the series is supposed to be filmed in "Yuki no Kuni," but Yukie says that she won't go there, and she runs away from the studio. Naruto and other members forces her to go to "Yuki no Kuni." However, three strongest Ninja, Roga Nadare, Fuyuguma Mizore, and Kakuyoku Fubuki are waiting for them. They were wearing evil arms, and attacked Yukie at once. There seems to be a relation between their attack and Koyuki, who has been missing for ten years.
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