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Linebarrels OVA

Linebarrels OVA
Item# MA5210
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  • Linebarrels OVA
  • Item Code : MA5210
  • Quantity : 1
  • Dialogue : Japanese/English
  •  Subtitle : English/Off
  • Region : All Region, Free Code
  • Disc Type : DVD9
  • Screen : 16:09
  • Audio : Ac3, 5.1/2.0 Channel
  • Series Type : OVA
  • System : NTSC
  • Episodes : 2
  • Running Time : Approximately 48 mins//
  • Synopsis: Alternative title: Kurogane no Linebarrels (Japanese)

    Genres: action, comedy, drama, romance, science fiction

    Themes: harem, mecha

    Plot Summary: Hayase Kouichi, the weak and average student is always bullied by his stronger classmates, and ends up being protected by his childhood friends Risako and Yajima, this makes him feel even worse since he realizes he is weaker than Risako, the woman he likes. But suddenly all this changes when a falling orbital drop mecha called Linebarrel misses the landing route and kills him. Then he returns to life thanks to the intervention of the alien woman Emi who was trying to land it, and he ends being the pilot of that mecha and is linked to it for the rest of his new life. Linebarrel was designed to save humanity from an approaching interdimensional war and make justice fall on Earth but with a pilot who has been resent all his life this isn't top priority now.

    Running time: 24 minutes per episode

    Vintage: 2008-10-03

    Opening Theme: "Kitei no Tsurugi" by ALI PROJECT Ending Theme: #1: "Ame ga furu" by Maaya Sakamoto #2: "Remedy" by Maaya Sakamoto
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