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Gatchaman OVA

Gatchaman OVA
Item# ma5162
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  • Item Code :   MA5162
  • Quantity :   1
  • Dialogue :   Japanese/English
  • Subtitle :   Chinese/English
  • Region :   All Region, Free Code
  • Disc Type :   DVD9
  • Screen :   4:3
  • Audio :   Ac3 2.0 / 5.1 Channel
  • Series Type :   OAV
  • System :   NTSC
  • Episodes :   3
  • Running Time :   Approximately 3x45 mins//
  • Synopsis: Alternative title: Gatchaman OAV Tecno Ninja Gatchaman (Italian)

    Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)

    Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction, Shounen

    Director: Akihiko Nishiyama , Hiroyuki Fukushima Music: Bill Meyers , Maurice White Original creator: Tatsuo Yoshida Character Design: Yasuomi Umetsu Mechanical design: Kimitoshi Yamane

    Plot Summary: A.D. 2066 - Shortly after a small country separates itself from the United Nations, members of the International Science Organization mysteriously disappear without a trace. Renowned scientist Kouzaburou Nanbu realizes that the secret organization known as the "Gallactor" is making its move to conquer the world. To counter this terrorist group, he prepares his ultimate weapon: five brave heroes that comprise the Science Ninja Team - Gatchaman.

    Running time: 45 minutes Number of episodes: 3 Episode titles: We have 3

    Vintage: 1994-10-01 to 1995-04-01

    Ending Theme: "Let's Fly" by Lance Matthew
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