My-HiME ~ Tv Series Perfect Collection English DubbedZoom

My-HiME ~ Tv Series Perfect Collection English Dubbed

My-HiME ~ Tv Series Perfect Collection English Dubbed
Item# ma490e
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My-HiME ~ Tv Series Perfect Collection
  • Item Code : MA490E
  • Quantity : 3
  • Dialogue : English/Japanese
  • Subtitle : English/Chinese/Off
  • Region : All
  • Region, Free Code
  • Disc Type : DVD9x1, DVD5x2
  • Screen : 4:3
  • Audio : Ac3 2.0 Channel
  • Series Type : Tv Series
  • System : NTSC
  • Episodes : 1-26
  • Running Time : Approximately 26x25 mins//
  • Synopsis: Alternative title: Mai-HiME (Japanese)

    Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)

    Director: Masakazu Obara , Tatsuyuki Nagai (OP/ED) Series Composition: Hiroyuki Yoshino Script: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Ep 1 - 15, 17 - 22) , Noboru Kimura (ep 16) Music: Yuki Kajiura Original Concept: Hajime Yatate Character Design: Hirokazu Hisayuki Art director: Shinji Takasuka

    Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural Plot Summary: Tokiha Mai and her sickly younger brother, Takumi, have received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Fuuka Academy. On the way, the ferry they are travelling on becomes the site of a destructive battle between two girls wielding apparently supernatural powers. This is only the beginning of their troubles, as Mai learns that she herself possesses these powers - the powers of a HiME.

    Running time: 25 minutes Number of episodes: 26 Episode titles: We have 26

    Vintage: 2004-09-30 to 2005-03-31

    Opening Theme: "Shining Days" by Minami Kuribayashi Ending Theme: #1: "Kimi ga Sora datta" by Aki Misato #2: "It's Only The Fairy Tale" by Yuko Miyamura (ep 15) #3: "Shining Days" by Minami Kuribayashi (ep 26)
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