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  • Of Disc: 2
  • Dialog: Korean, Mandarin
  • Subtitle: English, Chinese
  • NTSC
  • All Region
  • DVD 9//
  • This is the story of Baek-roek, the leader of "Black Cloud Swords", a secret military squad for King. Baek-roek was king's childhood friend and his only purposes in life were his brother, Baek-kyul, and his lover, Jung-yeon. Everything goes down the drain when Baek-roek falls into a trap, which was set by his ambitious brother, Baek-kyul. He becomes a gladiator and returns to Josun, waiting for a revenge. The collision between three people in different positions, the king who did everything to get back in power, Baek-kyul who betrayed his blood brother due to his ambition, and Baek-kyul who wanted his revenge, creates a great suspense in this drama.
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