Inuyasha Complete Movie Collection (2 discs)Zoom

Inuyasha Complete Movie Collection (2 discs)

Inuyasha Complete Movie Collection (2 discs)
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  • Discs 2
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  • Episodes Movies 1-4
  • Subtitles English
  • Languages Japanese & English//
  • Movie 1: Love Which Transcends Time

    The apparition named Menoumaru shows up in front of Inuyasha who looks for Shikon no tama. The purpose of Menoumaru was Tessaiga though other apparitions were aiming at Shikon no tama of Kagome. Why does Menoumaru seek for Tessaiga?

    Time goes back for 300 years further. Chief of apparitions who had attacked Japan from the continent were fathers of Menoumaru. Apparitions were repulsed by Inuyashas father at that time, and Menoumaru was sealed. But, that seal was canceled after 300 years, and Menoumaru was revived. And, he tries to obtain Tessaiga somehow. Why?

    And, why does Kagome fight against Inuyasha?

    Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass

    Inuyasha, Kagome and the others have cornered there arch-nemesis Naraku. Kagomes flying purification arrow and Inuyashas Tessaiga finally take Naraku! Mysteriously, from that night on, the full moon strangely continues for several days.

    At that time, the unearthly appeared before Inuyasha and the others, calling herself "Kaguya, the Princess of Heaven"!

    What is the true relation of this greatest of enemies, who controls time freely, to Naraku? Right here and now, a new door opens on the magnificent tapestry of the warring country revolving around the Shikon no Tama!

    Movie 3: Izayoi and Toga, Inuyasha's parents, are having problems with a human named Takemaru. Sou'unga a magical sword that has been sealed away is found again. Now everyone is after the sword and its powers but it seems the sword has something else in mind.

    Movie 4: An immortal island, the Horai Jima, has been protected by 'Meido no Kama'(Rumble Pot) that has a spiritual power to resist the time flow since long time ago. The island used to be an eternal paradise where monsters and human beings were living together.However, the monster outside the island wanted to the spiritual power, and they assailed the island and ruined there. 50 years before Inuyasha was sealed by Kikyo, they had fought against the monsters in the island. That incident begins to affect on the Civil War Era when Kagome is living. The Horai Jima appears again. In the island, there are children who are half human and half monster. They know about Inuyasha's past and they want Inuyasha to help them. Then, Sesshomaru suspects the movement in the island, and he begins to act as if he were led by his great father.At first, they think their encounter is an accident. But when they notice it is a destiny, Inuyasha knows the surprising secret of Kikyo. Then Shitoshin, the four gods, who know the entire secret hidden in the island, stand on their way. In the island that transcends the time, the past and the future twist together, and their fates begin to
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