Gundam 0079 Perfect TV (5 discs)Zoom

Gundam 0079 Perfect TV (5 discs)

Gundam 0079 Perfect TV (5 discs)
Item# g028
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  • SKU G028
  • Weight 0.66 lbs
  • Discs 5
  • Subtitle Rating Excellent
  • Video Rating Excellent
  • Audio Rating Excellent
  • Subtitles English
  • Languages Japanese and English//
  • If you suddenly found yourself in the middle of a war? Teenager Amuro Ray finds his life shattered when war comes to his home. During the chaos, Amuro somehow finds himself inside the Gundam, the Federation's new secret weapon. And what's more - he gets it to work. Amuro and the ship White Base. This group of childern and inexperienced soldiers could change the outcome of the war!
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