Fushigi Yuugi - Seiryu (3 discs)Zoom

Fushigi Yuugi - Seiryu (3 discs)

Fushigi Yuugi - Seiryu (3 discs)
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  • Discs 3
  • Subtitle Rating Excellent
  • Video Rating Excellent
  • Audio Rating Excellent
  • Episodes 27 - 52
  • Subtitles English
  • Languages English & Japanese//
  • The Fushigi Yuugi anime series is based on the Fushigi Yuugi manga. It follows the adventures of Yuuki Miaka, a fifteen year old junior college girl who was drawn into the world of the Shijin Tenchi Shou. The story begins when Miaka and Yui visit the Japanese National Library and stumble upon a forsaken room where they found a mysterious looking book entitled "The Universe of the Four Gods". As they started to read the book, they were suddenly transported physically into the book and its universe! In the story book, Miaka and Yui find themselves in a beautiful world resembling ancient China, with evil bandits on every corner and a mysterious hero who rescues them. Thus begins their adventures and struggles in "The Universe of the Four Gods" as they discover the mystery of the book and learning the power of friendship and love along the way.
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