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The Storm Riders Re-Master

The Storm Riders Re-Master
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  • Episodes Movie
  • Subtitles English & Chinese
  • Languages Cantonese / Mandarin//
  • The evil Lord Conquer, head of Conqueror's Clan, is given a prophecy from a prophet named Mud Buddha. It is said that if Conquer finds two young children by the name of Wind and Cloud he will have good fortune. Mud Buddha tells Conquer to look for him 10 years later so that he can tell the rest of Conqueror's fortune. Conquer issues an order that every boy with a birth chart matching Wind's or Cloud's must become a disciple of the Conqueror's Clan. Both Wind and Cloud are found, and Lord Conquer's servants murder their respective parents.

    Ten years pass, and Wind and Cloud are now both fully-grown and highly-skilled martial artists. Lord Conquer raised them as his own children. He is angered by the disappearance of Mud Buddha and sends his men to find him. After Mud Buddha is found, he reveals that his two disciples will either join or destroy Conquer.

    Seeing that Wind and Cloud can lead to misfortune, Lord Conquer uses his daughter, Charity, to cause Wind and Cloud to fight each other. There was a love triangle involving Wind, Cloud, and Charity. Lord Conquer tried to kill Wind and Cloud in their duel, but killed his own daughter instead when she tried to protect Wind and Cloud. Cloud and Wind's relationship with Lord Conquer sours, after Cloud loses an arm to Conquer in combat and Wind is poisoned by Conquer's minions. Fortunately, Cloud is found by helpful villagers, one of which whom donates his arm to replace Cloud's loss.

    Wind and Cloud then work together to destroy Lord Conquer. Together, they defeat the evil warlord, finally exacting their revenge and fulfilling Mud Buddha's prophecy.
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