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Invisible Target

Invisible Target
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  • Discs 1
  • Subtitle Rating Excellent
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  • Episodes Movie
  • Subtitles English & Chinese
  • Languages Cantonese, Mandarin//
  • Loose cannon cop Chan Chun (Nicholas Tse) is perpetually on the edge, having lost his fiancée when she was killed during an armored car heist. Six months later, Chan finally gets a lead on the perpetrators, a gang of vicious Mainland thieves, led by the deadly duo of Wu Jing and Andy On. The thieves are looking for the mysterious person (or the "invisible target") who masterminded the original heist, and then took the money and betrayed their gang - and they're willing to take down as many cops as they need to gain their revenge. Chan wants them caught, but he's not the only one out for justice; the tough and smartly-dressed Inspector Fong Yik Wei (Shawn Yue) also wants a piece of the action, and rookie cop Wai King Ho (Jaycee Chan) suspects that the thieves may have something to do with his brother, a missing undercover cop. Individually, the three cops can't stop these guys, but through teamwork, righteous determination, and plenty of head-busting, flying-fists action, they just might stand a chance.
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