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Tokyo Zombie

Tokyo Zombie
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  • Tokyo Zombie is simply a wild widescreen funhouse ride of slapstick humor, genre parody, gore gags, and general horror-comedy anarchy. It’s pretty irresistible. Japanese genre film favorites Tadanobu Asano (Survive Style 5+) and Sho Aikawa (the Dead or Alive trilogy) – both saddled with haircuts that will provoke giggling anyway – star as two blue-collar laborers with dreams of being jujitsu champions, a shared goal sidelined by the sudden invasion of a zombie army storming Tokyo, descending from “Mt. Dark Fuji.” The duo are separated by fate (but can one become a zombie if you’re bitten by someone with false teeth?), but reunited years later – just when you think the film can’t get any more outrageous, Sato throws you a Kill Bill-styled anime exposition transition, and then a parody of Romero’s Land of the Dead, with wealthy survivors enjoying the spectacle of zombie wrestling. A laugh-out-loud blast from start to finish.
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