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Saikano Live Action Movie

Saikano Live Action Movie
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  • "Saishu Heiki Kanojo (a.k.a. She, The Ultimate Weapon) is based on the hugely popular anime series of the same name. Also known under the titles Saikano and The Last Love Song On This Little Planet, it tells the story of quiet, introverted high school girl Chise, who is madly in love with Shuji, a confident, arrogant athlete. They both go to the same high school in Hokkaido, but it takes Chise all of her courage to tell Shuji about her feelings for him. The two hit it off and form a strong, loving bond, which only intensifies when war breaks out in Japan. But Chise has a secret, one so dark, so terrible that it may threaten not only her relationship with Shuji, but also her life, his life and the future of the entire country. For Chise is no ordinary girl, she is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, a genetically engineered cyborg built specifically for military use - and when she goes into battle she strikes fear in everyone around her, including her own troops. On the battlefield she has been dubbed the 'Goddess Of Death' and with good reason. Starring Maeda Aki (Battle Royale) and Kubozuka Shunsuke (Hibi), Saishu Heiki Kanojo is a dark, angst-ridden exploration into the very troubled mind of a seemingly innocent girl, handed the power to destroy the world."
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