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  • The eponymous dual heroines are 20-year old NANA Ohzaki and nana Komatsu. Strong and independent, NANA comes from a dysfunctional background and is the vocalist of a punk band looking to find a major record deal. On the other hand, naive and sweet-natured nana has been blessed with a stable family environment and the most pressing issue in her life is her boyfriend! Fate brings these two very different girls together and the film traces their fortunes as they navigate the trials and tribulations of love and the difficulties facing young women in the bustling and often intimidating metropolis of Tokyo. The rock-oriented soundtrack enhances the pace of the film. Taking on the lead roles are million-selling singer-actress Miki Nakashima as NANA Ohzaki and international award winning film actress Aoi Miyazaki as nana Komatsu. The male cast includes the talent of Ryuhei Matsuda, Kiyotaka Narumiya and Tetsuji Tamayama. NANA has struck a chord in women of every age - from teenagers to women in even their 40's - the two Nanas becoming role models and fashion icons. The film version promises to be every much the social phenomenon the original comic has been, creating a whole new fan base and living up to the expectations of readers of the original comic. NANA also promises to give international audiences a realistic insight into current trends in the lifestyle of Japan's youth, reflecting attitudes towards relationships and career. Nana Komatsu (Aoi Miyazaki) journeys to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend. A stroke of luck finds her sitting on the train next to Nana Osaki (Mika Nakashima), a budding rock vocalist. Although they part at Tokyo Station, their paths cross once more as they compete for the same apartment. They decide to move in together and despite their differences, introspective NANA and outgoing nana become firm friends. NANA finds a new bassist and reforms her old band, Black Stones. Unfortunately, nana finds that the course of true love does not always run smoothly. nana receives some good news, however, when she wins a ticket to see her favorite band, the hit sensation TRAPNEST, in concert and invites NANA along. NANA has reservations about seeing the band play live and it is now that nana discovers the secrets of her friend's past - NANA's unresolved feelings towards TRAPNEST's guitarist, Ren, her ex-boyfriend and ex-BLACK STONES bassist. The curtain goes up on the TRAPNEST concert and Ren steps onto the stage. NANA sits below in the front row of the audience. Her eyes fill with tears as memories come flooding back. Will NANA and Ren be reunited?
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