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  • "Shinobi" opens with an accidental meeting between ninja warriors Gen-no-suke (Jo Odagiri) and Oboro (Yukie Nakama). The two are members of opposing ninja clans that have been at war for 400 years; she of the Iga, and he of the Kouga. It's love at first sight, but alas, they are very much star crossed lovers, and as Oboro sighs, only meant to be together "in their dreams". Oboro and Gen-no-suke's forbidden love is made worst when the Shogun, fearing that rebels may use the ninja clans as instruments of insurrection, revokes the long-held truce between the ninjas, thereby allowing them to kill one another once more. Doubly worst, Oboro and Gen-no-suke gets chosen as the leaders of their respective battle squads, and must face off in deadly combat for the right to survive.
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