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  • Tom Yum Goong, from the creators of Ong Bak, marks another chapter in the rise of martial arts superstar, Tony Jaa. Following the same simple formula that helped make Ong Bak a runaway international success, Tom Yum Goong is filled with bone crunching fight sequences and jaw-dropping stuntwork. Kham, (Jaa) a simple Thai lad from the countryside, is forced out of his quiet lifestyle, and indeed his country, after his elephant is stolen by a vicious band of animal traffickers. He travels to Sydney, Australia and starts his quest to track down his missing pet, and in the process discovers that dealing in endangered species is the least of the evil gang's crimes. As with Ong Bak, the plot takes a definite back seat in favor of the action, with story and character development hardly a primary concern. In effect little more than a ninety-minute showcase of Jaa's talents, Tom Yum Goong is trashy popcorn entertainment at its best and guaranteed to put a smile on the face of martial arts lovers everywhere.
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