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Crying Fist

Crying Fist
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  • Writer/director Ryoo Seung Wan (Arahan) helms the box-office smash Crying Fist, a winning film that centers on two downtrodden men who look to the sport of boxing as a chance to turn their lives around! In one corner, there's Yu Sang Hwan (Ryoo Seung Bum of Arahan and No Manners), a teenage delinquent whose criminal activities finally land him in juvenile hall. While there, Sang Hwan meets a guard who introduces him to the world of boxing, seeing it as an outlet for the young man's anger and disillusionment. In the other corner, there's Kang Tae Shik (Choi Min Sik of Old Boy and Failan), an over-the-hill family man whose marriage is falling apart thanks to some severe financial problems. Once a silver medalist in boxing, Tae Shik returns to the sport to gain additional income, but in a far less heralded way - he walks the streets, offering himself up as a human punching bag for money to anyone who passes by!

    Featuring supporting performances from Im Won Hee and Ki Joo Bong, Crying Fist interweaves these two stories of bitter struggle and amazing endurance, as Sang Hwan and Tae Shik fight on, unaware that they are destined for a collision course with one another. And as the audience's affection for both fighters grows as the story goes on, their loyalties will be divided when Sang Hwan and Tae Shik finally meet in the ring. Unwilling to resort to cliché, this gripping human drama provides a unique, genre-tweaking resolution that proves rewarding for its faithful audience. Gritty, violent, and emotionally compelling, Crying Fist is one film that certainly packs quite a punch!
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