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  • Episodes 110 Minutes
  • Subtitles English & Japanese
  • Languages Thai and Japanese//
  • Bangkok: the capital of Thailand. During a tunnel excavation, a group of workers discovers a rock so solid and so durable that even their most powerful and expensive drill cannot break through. With further examination, they find some strange creature fossils that are unlike any dinosaur fossil they have come across.

    Leena Pierre, a young archaeologist women and Tim, and her American partner are then called on the site to find out more details about these strange remains. However, on their arrival, they are welcome by a special military task force who do not seem to be very cooperative with sharing the details on the discovery. They soon discover a huge cave with more remains, but this intrusion in the cave also awakens Garuda, a mystical giant bird associated to old Thai folklore. Now that Garuda is fully awakened and going on rampage, it is up to Leena, Tim, and the military team leader to put Garuda back to sleep before it reaches the world surface.
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