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The Spear of Longinus

The Spear of Longinus
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  • LONGINUS: A war rages on, it's end unknown, covering the age in despair. At a military field hospital, a group of soldiers bring in one of their own, wounded by a large, vicious, bite-like wound, along with a large box. The soldiers are visibly shaken. Suddenly, an enigmatic man appears. As he starts telling the legend of the Lance of Longinus, their night of unimaginable terror begins.

    THE MESSENGER: A very stylish and stirring story about an underworld boss who is visited by a mysterious woman known as The Messenger. Her supposed myth is that she is a voodoo assassin that curses men to death, but not all is what it seems as she uncovers a fateful secret about the life this particular boss lives. THE MESSENGER concentrates on atmosphere and dialogue and delivers a fantastic climax which includes one the most cool and unusual battles ever. .
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