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Another Public Enemy

Another Public Enemy
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  • Plot: Kang is a tenacious prosecutor for the Seoul District attorney's office, who decides to pursue a case in which a major corporation is taken over by a runner-up after the would-be director is mysteriously put out of commission in a car crash.

    Overview: KANG Chul-joong (SOL Kyung-gu), a prosecutor for the Seoul District attorney's office, is a unique one. He prefers going directly to the crime scene to reading files, his intuition and guts to logic and reason, and using weapons of force to sitting back watching his men get stabbed by criminals. And now, once again, his gets one of his gut feelings about a particular case, and wastes no time in getting involved in the Myung-sun Foundation case, during which he opening declares war on HAN Sang-woo (JUNG Joon-ho), the Public Enemy. HAN Sang-woo assumed the position of Executive Director of the Myung-sun Foundation when his father died, and his successor, his elder son, suffered a car accident and fell into a coma. Soon, a director on the board of the Myung-sun Foundation becomes suspicious and files a case with the prosecutor's office. KANG Chul-joong has a hunch about the case and decides to pursue it. And coincidentally, HAN Sang-woo turns out to be an old friend of KANG Chul-joong from high school.
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