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  • Episodes 101 mins
  • Subtitles English & Chinese
  • Languages Cantonese & Mandarin//
  • Three men are going beyond what their jobs require them to do... Aaron Kwok is an ill-fated CID who runs into a woman looking extremely alike her long lost girlfriend during his investigation on a money laundry case. Ekin Cheng plays a lawyer who protects a corrupt businessman from law, and Daniel Wu becomes a killer in the film who violates his code to get involved in the ill-fated CID's investigation.

    Directed by Benny Chan whose actions 'Heroic Duo' and 'New Police Story' has stunned so many, 'Divergence' is loaded with copious details to portray intriguing characters that makes the movie an engrossing thriller. Ivy Ho, scriptwriter for romantic dramas 'July Rhapsody' and 'Comrades, Almost a Love Story', really knows the art of narration, and she successfully intertwine the stories of our three men into an plot that is powerful enough to engage the audience. Mysterious affairs and people just come up one after another in Divergence!
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