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Forbiden Love (Fox with Nine Tails)

Forbiden Love (Fox with Nine Tails)
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  • Forbidden Love (AKA Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox) is an immensely popular and innovative Korean television drama! The cast of young rising stars starts with Jo Hyun Jae, who made his Japanese TV debut in 2004 in the joint Japanese-Korean production Star's Echo. Jo is joined by Kim Tae Hee of the blockbuster drama Stairway to Heaven and Jun Jin from the group Shinhwa. Based on an ancient myth of love and human betrayal, this unique production takes the original myth and transplants it to a modern day urban setting. Forbidden Love presents a world where Nine-Tailed Foxes (who appear to be human, but really aren't) and human beings cannot coexist! But when a fox woman warrior falls in love with a human police detective, how can their forbidden love last?

    Shi Yeon (Kim Tae Hee) is a Nine-Tailed Fox living undercover in the human world. By day, Shi Yeon is an employee at a natural history museum. By night, she's a top-ranking woman warrior in the Nine-Tailed Fox clan, charged with preserving the delicate balance between man and fox. But her world is sent spinning when an atrocious serial murder - where the victims have had their internal organs gouged out - is uncovered. Detective Min Woo (Jo Hyun Jae) believes the murders may relate to the organ trafficking trade, and goes undercover in a seedy organ smuggling ring. But Min Woo's cover is blown, and it's only through the intervention Nine-Tailed Fox warrior Mu Young (Jun Jin) and Shi Yeon that he's able to survive! But he's seen their true identities as Nine-Tailed Foxes…can he be allowed to live?

    Forbidden Love has won acclaim and popularity for fusing different genres with the popular Korean Television drama format. Kim Tae Hee won the Best New Actress Award at the 2004 KBS TV Drama Awards for her portrayal of Shi Yeon, a non-human creature who is much more compassionate, talented, and even human than the human beings who persecute her. With Forbidden Love, Korean Broadcasting Systems (KBS) breaks new ground, combining high-tech horror, romantic fantasy, sci-fi thrills, and high-wire action into an entertaining and astoundingly unique television event!
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