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Sars War

Sars War
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  • Episodes 94 Minutes
  • Subtitles English
  • Languages Thai//
  • Liu, the beautiful daughter of a Bangkok tycoon, Hia Lao, has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. Master Thep of Green Freeze Sword, a former Sword Master and long-time friend of Hia Lao, is asked to rescue Liu. But Master Thep has already retired, so he sends his best student, Khun Krabi, to the condominium complex where Liu is being held. It is Khun Krabi's job to fight the lowly thieves and rescue the kidnapped girl. However, it's not only a gang of thieves that is waiting for the swordsman at the condominium.

    A foreigner who lives in the condominium has been infected with the SARS virus, which has mutated into a 4th generation virus. It has become the mostdangerous virus ever discovered. The foreigner spreads the virus to other the residents in the condominium with ease. Everyone infected with the virus turns into a zombie.

    The fatal building is quarantined with no exit and no entry. The government sends a special team of doctors and commandos to control the situation at the condominium. The Deputy Prime Minister is put in charge of the operation. Dr Diana, an expert on fatal viruses, is the team leader.

    She is armed with chemical weapons loaded with anti-virus vaccines that she has just invented. Things turn out for the worse when her new vaccine proves ineffective. The state cannot control the situation. The final order is to destroy the whole building before dawn! Khun Krabi and Liu are trapped in the building. So, too, are the lowly kidnappers and Dr Diana. Victims are changing into hungry SARS Zombies by the minute. Things get worse when a pet snake in the condominium is infected and turns into a malicious monster that is accompanied by music from its stomach after it swallowed a radio. Our hero is put in the most difficult situation as he has to deal with both the kidnappers and the zombies. At Master Thep's house, a picture frame of Khun Krabi falls on the floor and a small lizard cries out. He senses that his student's life is in danger. Master Thep, though retired, cannot ignore his instincts. He grabs his trusty sword and decides to hurry to the condominium to help Khun Krabi. The mission is impossible. Both master and student have to work with Dr. Diana in order to make it out of there alive. How will it all end? Will the world ever see another day ?
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