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  • Episodes 91 min
  • Subtitles English & Chinese
  • Languages Japanese, Cantonese//
  • Experience a new fear. Prepare for the unknown… You will see something you will never forget…Nao Shingaki has a part-time job at a mini-mart. Outwardly, it looks like any other mini-mart, but there is something unmistakably abnormal about the place. Inside, the air is choked with vengeful spirits. Outside, thebackyard reeks with a horrible smell.The owner of the mini-mart seems to be overjoyed by the severe injuries sustained by a sales rep for a majorfranchise; while his wife suffers from an unknown madness and spends all of her time staring into the security cameras. Now the spirits have claimed the souls of the night-shift clerk and several customers. Nao is now faced with the task of somehow trying to escape this demonic terror!Something strange is going on in a convenience store. A cheerful and honest girl Nao (Hiroko Sato) works part-time, unaware of the existence of ghosts and spirits around her. Their hatred has made the store dark and forboding and the backyard filled with a putrid stench. Even the owner and his wife are reduced to the living dead since their humanity was being crushed.The nightmare began as Ryoko Kagami (Kyoko Akiba) took over the franchise project from her boss, Tejima (Susumu Terashima). Seeing the owner in ecstatic joy after hearing Tejima’s serious accident and his wife staring at spy cameras, Ryoko and Nao try to help each other through the extraordinary situation. The ghosts and spirits started to possess certain customers: a geek tempted by a spirit, an office worker chased by a man in bandages.Also, a night-shift worker Komori is taken over by “a faceless man with a hooded jacket”: this will be one of the spine-tingling scenes in the movie. Behind a smile of a strange old lady who comforts an old Japanese doll, Ryoko and Nao will finally find the secret of the store… Their grudge will haunt you until the last moment.
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