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Seoul Raiders

Seoul Raiders
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  • It's been five years since suave Japanese Security Bureau agent Lam (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) tore through Tokyo, and now he's back in Seoul Raiders! Directed by Jingle Ma (Tokyo Raiders, Fly Me to Polaris), the film brings Lam to Seoul, hot on the tail of turncoat CIA agent Owen (Richie Jen), who stole "The Avenger", a set of flawless counterfeiting plates designed to wreak havoc on the US economy. Joining Lam are three new female assistants (Choi Yeo-Jin, Cho Soo-Hyn, and Cho Han-Na), as well as JJ (Shu Qi), a female cat burglar who's after the plates too. With Korean gangster Black Bear (James Kim) also in the mix, Lam must contend with multiple bad guys trying to stop him - or worse, mess up his hair! Can Lam stay ahead of the gangsters, find Owen, and still look good doing it?Set amidst Seoul's clean urban cityscape, Seoul Raiders features the same winning mixture of dapper, tongue-in-cheek comedy and energetic action sequences as the original Tokyo Raiders! Tony Leung Chiu Wai returns with his unparalleled screen charisma, and Richie Jen and Shu Qi are perfect foils to Leung's suave, too-cool international spy. Full of non-stop action and comedy, Seoul Raiders is what Lunar New Year Hong Kong movies are all about: big stars, big laughs, big action, and plenty of crowd-pleasing fun!
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