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Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle
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  • Episodes Movie (99 min)
  • Subtitles English & Chinese
  • Languages Mandarin & Cantonese//
  • Meet a gang of unlikely heroes with all the right movies!In the wildly imaginative and action-packed KUNG FU HUSTLE, petty thief Sing (Shaolin Soccer star Stephen Chow) aspires to be a ruthless gangster. Stumbling across a gang-controlled apartment complex, he attempts to extort money from the locals who are actually kung fu masters in desguise. Sing's actions attract the notorious Axe Gang, and sets off a relentless chain of events that brings the clans together in an explosive battle.From kung fu showdowns to dance sequesnces featuring tuxedoed mobsters, you've never seen martial arts action this outrageous! With jaw-dropping fight sequences by Yuen Wo Ping (famed action choreographer of Kill Bill, Vols. 1 & 2 and The Matrix), KUNG FU HUSTLE will blow you away!
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