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Dark Water

Dark Water
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  • From the director of the superb Ring comes another adaptation of a novel by ‘the Japanese Stephen King', Koji Suzuki. And, once again, the story pivots on a youngish mother bringing up a small child on her own, plagued by visions of a ghostly presence of a drowned girl (face hidden by long black hair) which seem to strip away the reassuring surfaces of modern-day Japan to reveal an alternative world of fear and superstition. But while Ring's horror involved a widening circle of connections spreading out through society, Dark Water's geographical focus is tighter: the haunting is restricted to a single block of flats, into which the recently-divorced Yoshimi (Hitomi Kuroki) moves with her 6-year-old daughter Ikuku (Rio Kanno). Theirs isn't the most welcoming of flats ? there's a nasty damp patch on the ceiling ? and it isn't long before the clammy atmosphere starts unsettling Yoshimi's already fragile mental balance…
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