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Twins Effect II

Twins Effect II
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  • Pop duo Twins are back slaying in the grandest and most successful production of legendary epic genre this year! With impressive box office results under its belt (the highest 2004 summer box office hit), Twin Effect II has a thrilling mix of teen idols, plot twists, beautiful scenery, cinematical choreography - and the debut of international martial star Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee Fong - to keep its audience hyper.

    In an ancient Amazonian kingdom, undercover government agent Blue Bird (Gillian Chung) joins forces in a mission with slave trader 13th Young Master (Charlene Choi) to find the holy sword that'll aid the rightful king in reclaiming his kingdom from a man-hating empress. The two heroines incur the two possible heirs, Charcoal Head (Jaycee Fong) and Blockhead (Wilson Chen) and their adventurous journey begins.

    To replicate last year's success at awards ceremony, directors Corey Yuen and Patrick Leung devoted most of the movie's massive budget to incorporating plenty of action and special effects in carefully choreography scenes, shooting in Yunnan. The movie stars other big star names like Tony Leung Ka-fai, Daniel Wu, Chu Ying, Chan Pak Sum and the climatic cameo fight between Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan.
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