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  • Horror of another kind awaits you in R-Point !

    Korean film lovers can witness the rise of a new genre that blends horror and war movie elements into chilling action filled treat that will keep you hooked from beginning till end.

    The Korean movie scene recently offered viewers two major war blockbusters Sil Mi Do and Taegugki and there seems to be no end in sight for the revival of this film genre. Now R-Point offers you the latest cinematic war project, but this time with a little plot twist which is achieved by the addition of some ingredients from the horror film category. Following in the foot-steps of Death Watch, Kan Woo-sung plays Tae-in, a military sergeant that has to lead his troop to a far-off place to rescue soldiers missing in action. However, they are in for a shocking journey as new enemies in the form of ghosts stalk them from all sides
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