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Twins Effect

Twins Effect
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  • Get ready for fantastic action with the Twins, Ekin Cheng, 3T, Edison Chen, Josie Ho and even martial arts hero Jackie Chan in The Twins Effect!

    According a holy vampire scripture, The Twins Effect is said to bring forth sudden events that will lead to incredible changes in the world!

    Loosely based on the story that describes the war between vampires and humans in Europe, the setting has fast-forwarded to the 21st century. Ekin Cheng stars as a vampire slayer who has to take down a horde of clever vampires that have their own organization and are fighting for the preservation of the 'Day for Night' manuscript in order to make the world theirs!

    The movie's cast and its non-stop action and dazzling special effects promise to entangle you with a magic spell!

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