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Fighter in the Wind

Fighter in the Wind
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  • Subtitles English & Korean
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  • The year is 1941 and Choi Bae Dal (Yang Dong Geun) is but a student in South Korea. After seeing an advertisement for an opportunity to learn to fly and go to college if people join the Japanese army, Bae Dal is off to Japan. But once he joins and completes the training, the Japanese Imperial Army only enlists Korean pilots for kamikaze missions. Refusing to take part, Bae Dal and the Korean soldiers are charged with treason and sentenced to death. But Japanese General Kato (Masaya Kato), a lead karate instructor, offers Bae Dal and the men a chance - defeat him in battle and he will only kill Bae Dal and let the men live; lose and everyone dies. Obviously, the greenhorn Bae Dal is beaten to a pulp by Japan's greatest martial artist. Very Ong-Bak~esque!
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