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Doll Master

Doll Master
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  • One of the most prestigious doll makers are readying for their next exhibition. Widely known for basing their dolls on real life models, five "models" have been selected and invited to the Mokkumto Gallery in Taehangno, Seoul, for the Doll Master to prepare the sculpts after them. Among the selected models are Hae Mi (Kim Yu Mi), a sculptor; Tae Seong (Shim Hyeong Tak), a male model looking for work; Yeong-Ha (Ok Ji Young), a doll collector, a male photographer and a teenage high school girl. The guests are greeted by the museum curator and the Doll Master - a woman who is incredibly talented and bound to a wheelchair. They each get a room with a "special" doll inside. Not long into their stay, Hae Mi and Tae Seong start noticing weird things happening with the dolls . . .
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