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  • After a steamy one night stand with her friend Jun (Murakami Jun), Yuki (Ichikawa Miwako) receives a phone call telling her that her slacker brother Taka has died. When she returns to her hometown for the funeral, she finds out that Taka has died of malnutrition. Mysteriously, though, a pool of blood was found by the corpse, raising questions about the real cause of his death. Trying to learn more, Yuki searches Taka's apartment for clues, and finds nothing out of the ordinary except for a vacuum cleaner - a strange appliance to have in an aparment with all wood floors...

    Writing it off, Yuki returns to her work in the city, but she has changed somehow. Her sense of smell has become painfully acute, and she realizes that she has acquired a sort of sixth sense. Troubled by her newfound powers, she sets up an appointment with a psychologist "acquaintance" from her college days, but what is discovered in her head might be better left alone...
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