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The Legend of Zu

The Legend of Zu
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  • The film is set in a mythical mountain range called "Zu" which exists between Heaven and Earth. The mountains are populated by immortals known as Omei, who are in charge of keeping the peace and eradicating evil. An evil demon called Insomnia wants to rule Zu and the world below and starts to attack the immortals. Insomnia attacks several sects and destroys them, eventually arriving at Omei.

    King Sky of Kunlun is in love with his teacher Dawn and she has just left him after disintegrating into dust. Before her departure, she gives him her weapon the Moon Orb and tells him that the Orb will lead him to her eventually. King Sky joins Omei in their fight against Insomnia. The Omei manage to corner Insomnia using their weapon the Sky Reflector and they defeat Insomnia. Insomnia retreats into the legendary Blood Cave, which is rumored to be able to suck away the powers of all those who come near it.

    White Brows, leader of the Omei, decides to enter a new dimension to search for a new weapon to deal with Insomnia after the Sky Reflector is lost to the Cave. He leaves behind the Flame of Omei, which glows as he lives. His eldest disciple Red is placed in charge of guarding the entrance to the Blood Cave and alerting others if Insomnia emerges. King Sky oversees the affairs of Omei temporarily.

    Red meets Amnesia, a little flower demon and is possessed by her. Amnesia takes control of Red and forces him to move against his will. Enigma of Omei is actually the reincarnation of King Sky's teacher and lover Dawn, and she has some faint recollections of their past. Enigma and Thunder attempt to merge as one but fail and Omei is severely damaged. Thunder is destroyed but a new human body is formed from the remnants of Thunder's soul. However, the new Thunder does not remember his past and does not know how to wield his sword.

    Just as Insomnia prepares for another attack to destroy the immortals and rule Zu forever, King Sky confronts the possessed Red and attempts to force Amnesia out of Red's body. The forces of good and evil prepare for another showdown at Zu.
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