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  • "Sil Mi Do" reveals bitter facts of the past.

    Woo Suk Kang's ("Two Cops", "Public Enemy") cold war movie project stars a top cast including Ann Sung Ki ("Chiwaseon", "Musa"), Jung je Young ("No Blood No Tears", "Guns & Talks") and Sul Kyung Ku ("Oasis", "Wish I Had a Wife Too"). The tale revolves around a group of 31 South Korean men originally sentenced to death who received a parole on condition that they would take take part in a suicide retaliation commando in 1968. Later this elite battalion was double crossed by their own government that ordered their death after the secret plan was called off. As a result, the soldiers that were trained for the sole purpose to kill North Korean PresidentKim Il Sung changed their target looking for South Korean President Park Chung-hee to get their revenge ...
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