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Princess Blade

Princess Blade
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  • Episodes 92 Minutes
  • Subtitles English, Japanese
  • Languages Japanese//
  • In an unknown country closed off from the outside world for well over 500 years, the ruling dictatorship enlists the help of the Takemikazuchi family, a highly-trained family of assassins who seeked asylum from their nation years ago. Princess Yuki is one of the most highly trained in the family, killing dissidents and rebels who tempt to thwart the ruling body. Until one day, she is revealed a dark secret that changes her life forever: her mother may have been killed by the hands of her own leader, who is part of her adopted nationís ruling class. Soon, Yuki is fighting for her life, as her own family hunt her down, while she enlists the help from the most unlikely of allies, a rebel named Takashi.

    THE PRINCESS BLADE is a wild ride into a dark, apocalyptic future, where law is upheld with the power of the samurai sword. With fighting sequences choreographed by the one and only Donnie Yen (BLADE 2, IRON MONKEY) and swordplay that would rival any hard-core anime, the film is topped off with a determined and kick-ass performance from Yumiko Shaku as Ďthe princess blade.í Her small frame masks a true warrior princess. Xena, Buffy, and that Dark Angel chick, donít even bother picking a fight with her.
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