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Battlefield Baseball

Battlefield Baseball
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  • Yudai Yamaguchi, in his debut film, gives us a world first - a baseball zombie horror comedy, complete with chainsaws, corpses sailing through the air and high-kicking kung-fu antics. Based on a popular manga story by Gataro Man that ran in the top-selling Monthly Shonen Jump magazine, Battlefield Baseball almost dispenses with the bat and ball altogether, and instead deals up a whole lot more fun in its place, mocking the cliches of the genre in a manner as spirited as it is funny.

    The story begins with a new student - a punk who's been expelled multiple times from other schools for his erratic and violent behaviour - who is talked into joining the local Seido baseball team by the school's principal for the upcoming tournament. The team's first opponent in the season happens to be the feared Gedo High team whose players are known for their brutality and their match-to-the-death approach that leaves nobody playing against them left alive when the game is over. However, the unthinkable happens on the day of the match. Seido's new "fighter" finds himself locked up in a jail cell, and with no guarantee that he will show up in time, the Seido team must face Gedo, the deadly team from Hell!!

    From producer Ryuhei Kitamura (writer/director of "Versus," "Azumi").
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