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Prince Mononoke-Ghibli Movie
  • Item Code : MA5067
  • Quantity : 1
  • Dialogue : Japanese/English/French
  • Subtitle : Chinese/English/French/Off
  • Region : All
  • Region, Free Code
  • Disc Type : DVD9
  • Screen : 16:9
  • Audio : Ac3 2.0 / 5.1 Channel
  • Series Type : Movie
  • System : NTSC
  • Episodes : 1
  • Running Time : Approximately 135 mins//

    s a teenager, Myung was obsessed with her music, and her friends Guld and Isamu were both obsessed with flight. When they coincidentally reunite as adults, they all seem to have transformed their dreams into solid reality. Guld and Isamu are both experimental fighter pilots, and Myung is the successful producer of a wildly popular "virtuoid" singer, the revolutionary artificial intelligence called Sharon Apple. But none of the three is happy, much less fulfilled. Guld and Isamu have become enemies, and their hatred turns the ongoing contest between their new test planes into a vicious grudge match. Myung has stifled her emotions and given up her dreams of being a singer, although she secretly provides the voice and emotions of her incomplete computer protege. Isamu is happy so long as he's flying, but on the ground he's a smarmy, temperamental maverick who offends most of the people around him and seems too shallow to care. Guld simply wants Isamu out of the way. The mostly unacknowledged love triangle between the three boils under the surface, as Guld and Isamu sublimate their battle over Myung into their aerial competition. But a fourth party is entering the relationship and changing the dynamic, as Sharon Apple begins to truly come alive, fueled by Myung's emotions but not restrained by her morals or humanity.
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