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Arcadia of My Youth English Dub

Arcadia of My Youth English Dub
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  • The 1981 feature Arcadia of My Youth (Waga Seishun no Arcadia) reveals the past of Leiji Matsumoto's celebrated trio Captain Phantom F. Harlock, technological wizard Tochiro (with whom Matsumoto is said to identify), and free trader Emeraldas. Harlock is not a pirate, but a rebel defying the Illumidus Occupation Force and the quislings who aid their occupation of Earth: his skull and crossbones banner symbolizes his dedication to fight to the death for his beliefs. Harlock's efforts to aid the people of the planet Tokarga, whom the Illumidus have used and plan to discard, becomes a baroque sword-and-spaceship epic in which heroic men weep, women display steely courage, and everyone follows a bushido-based code of honor. During the adventure, viewers discover how Harlock lost his right eye and Emeraldas acquired the trademark scar across her face. A must-have for Matsumoto's many fans. (Rated 13 and older: violence, alcohol use, minor profanity) --Charles Solomon
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