Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ Tv Series Complete BoxsetZoom

Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ Tv Series Complete Boxset

Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ Tv Series Complete Boxset
Item# ac279
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Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ Tv Series Complete Boxset
  • Item Code : AC279
  • Quantity : 2
  • Dialogue : Japanese
  • Subtitle : Chinese/English/Off
  • Region : All
  • Region, Free Code
  • Disc Type : DVD9x2
  • Screen : 4:3
  • Audio : Ac3, 5.1 Channel
  • Series Type : Tv Series
  • System : NTSC
  • Episodes : 1-26
  • Running Time : Approximately 26x30 mins//
  • Synopsis: Alternative title: まほらば ~Heartful days~ (Japanese) Mahoraba

    Genres: Comedy, Romance

    Director: Shinichiro Kimura Scenario: Yasutomo Yamada Music: Anne Original Manga: Akira Kojima Character Design: Masahiro Fujii

    Plot Summary: Shiratori Ryuushi is a young artist-in-training, about to start studying at a vocational school. Arriving at his new lodgings, Narutaki Sou, he finds himself the focus of attention for the collection of weirdos that inhabit the place. He also meets and falls for the landlady, Aoba Kozue, who seems to be both lovely and charming. However, Kozue is not what she seems to be... in fact, she's more.

    Running time: 24 minutes Number of episodes: 26 Episode titles: We have 26

    Vintage: 2005-01-09 to 2005-06-26

    Opening Theme: "Daiji Da・I・Ji" by Saiki Mia and Shiraishi Ryoko Ending Theme: "Boku no SPEED de" by Chihiro Yonekura

    Comments: 26 eps in 2 dvd disc with: Ac3, 5.1 Channel Audio English/Chinese/Off subtitled Original Japanese Dialogue Tv Series.
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