Bleach Movie #2 (1 disc)Zoom

Bleach Movie #2 (1 disc)

Bleach Movie #2 (1 disc)
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  • Episodes Movie
  • Subtitles English
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  • The King’s Seal, an ancient artifact rumored to have the power to bend space and time, is stolen by a rogue Shinigami accompanied by two arrancar that have the ability to control fire and lightning. Toshiro Hitsugaya’s team engaged them but they miserably failed as the two arrancar proved to be more than a match against Toshiro’s team. The kid captain recognizes the rogue Shinigami and abandons his duty to Seireitei and pursues his opponent. This causes the Gotei 13 to suspect that Toshiro was involved in the incident and they collectively decide to put the entire squad of Toshiro on probation while the other captains hunt Toshiro down as well as the King’s Seal..

    Enter the main character - Ichigo. He finds Toshiro wounded and quickly takes him to his house to help the young captain recover. When he finally wakes up, Toshiro refuses to explain the situation to Ichigo. Toshiro takes off but Ichigo manages to catch up to him and tries to force the captain to explain what’s happening. Before Toshiro can explain, the two arrancar attack, pummeling Ichigo relentlessly. Ichigo manages to survive and even fends off the two arrancar but he falls unconscious himself and Toshiro takes the opportunity to flee the scene.
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